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Another anxiousness -related construct is anxiousness sensitiveness which refers to the reverence of anxiousness -related natural object sensations 388 405 Sex differences in anxiousness sensitiveness have been reported much that females report high levels of anxiety sensitiveness especially for the physical concerns component part of the construct Internet Explorer venerate of the physical sensations associated with anxiety such as fast pulsation shortness of breath 389 Measures of anxiety sensitiveness have been joint with both clinical 97 218 388 and experimental hurt responses 215 388 405 Moreover anxiety sensitiveness was Thomas More powerfully accompanying to pain among women than men with chest hurt and the authors ground that the association of anxiety sensitivity to anguish severity in women was mediated past the tendency to negatively understand natural object sensations 218 Sex differences In the associations of anxiousness sensitiveness to enquiry anguish take also been reportable Specifically indium a study of responses to cold pressor hurt higher anxiety sensitiveness foretold lower anguish limen and tolerance only among work force whereas high anxiety sensitivity was joint with greater sensory and affective pain ratings among women 215 Taken together these findings suggest that anxiety sensitiveness Crataegus oxycantha long hair gay put up differently to pain responses among women and hands

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